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Starting a new business is an exciting, rewarding, and sometimes stressful endeavor. There’s a long list of financial decisions to be made and mistakes early on could have a negative impact on profitability. To make sure you make the choices that will allow your new business lives up to its full potential, contact our San Francisco, CA CPA firm for guidance.

At Scott Porter, CPA, we keep pace with you from your company’s inception throughout its growth and development. First, we’ll show you the best way to organize your books to accurately track your financial data. We’ll also assist you in drafting a business plan that will allow you to secure financing. And as experienced accountants, we’ll devise a comprehensive tax planning strategy to minimize tax liabilities and maximize your profits. Throughout the life of your business, we’ll adjust this plan in line with current regulations, so you’re always taking advantage of all appropriate tax credits and deductions. With our consistent support and reliable financial advice, you’ll be ready to meet the challenges of being a small business owner.

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If you’re an entrepreneur with a sound business concept and you’re ready to fulfill your dream of owning your own business, call Scott Porter, CPA at 707-664-5200 today. We offer a free initial consultation to get you started.